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When installed, allows a user to check for updates in their Rails application
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Provides rake tasks that allow you to check for out of date gems in a project using Bundler.

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$ rake gemlock:outdated
rails is out of date!
Installed version: 3.0.10. Latest version: 3.1.0

Gemlock looks at what gems you've specified in your Gemfile, checks the version that that Bundler has set in Gemfile.lock, and lets you know if there's a newer version available.

If you're using Gemlock in a Rails project, whenever you start your server, Gemlock will check for updates. Then, it will check again in 2 weeks or when you restart your server, whichever comes first. If you specify an email in the configuration file, you'll also get notified when these automatic checks run and gem updates are found.


  1. Add gem 'gemlock' to your Gemfile
  2. Run bundle install
  3. If you're using Rails, you're done! Otherwise, add require 'gemlock/rake_tasks' to your Rakefile


Gemlock is can be customized to suit your neeeds. Just run rails generate gemlock:config to generate a sample config with a few options:

  • releases - What kind of releases you'd like to know about (e.g. major, minor, patch)
  • interval - How often you'd like to check for updates
  • email - An email address to email if updates are found while automatic checks
  • name - The name of your application

An example file would look like:

  - minor
  - patch
interval: 2 weeks
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