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This is an initial curriculum of things that I would like to cover through this semester (Fall 2011), though it will likely spill over into next semester.


  • Dissecting an HTTP Request
  • Semantic markup via HTML
  • Design and Behavior via CSS and Javascript
  • Dynamic pages via node.js and express
  • Databases
    • SQL via MySQL/PostgreSQL
    • Key-value stores via MongoDB/Cassandra/CouchDB
  • Caching via memcached
  • Distributed data stores via Hadoop
    • Distributed file storage via HDFS
    • Distributed and parallel algorithms via MapReduce
    • Distributed databases via HBase and Hive
  • Services and cross-language RPC via Thrift
  • Real-time communication via
  • Model-View-Controller design via backbone


To play with some of these technologies, we will be using cc-core/tcube