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A Moonshine plugin for installing and managing Redis, the advanced persistent key-value store.

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Moonshine Redis

A plugin for Moonshine

A plugin for installing and managing Redis, an advanced persistent key-value store. Currently this, like Moonshine's Rails recipes in general, is Ubuntu/Debian-specific.


  • script/plugin install git://

  • Configure settings if needed. You may specify:

    • Package architecture. Default is amd64.

    • Version. Default is 2.0.1-2. Versions are those as determined by Debian in [this repo](

    • enable_on_boot in case you want to disable starting the service on boot at system-level (useful if you want god to do it instead, for instance). Default is true.

    • ruby_client to optionally install the given version of the redis client library as a rubygem. This also accepts latest as a value, which will install updated versions if available each time your Moonshine manifest is applied. Default is none.

    For example, in moonshine.yml:

      :version: 2.0.1-2
      :arch: i386
      :ruby_client: 1.0.7
      :enable_on_boot: false
  • Include the recipe in your Moonshine manifest

    recipe :redis
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