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A vim plugin for running your Ruby tests
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Run your Ruby tests! Supports RSpec, Test::Unit/MiniTest, Konacha, and Cucumber. For more information, check out the documentation (available in Vim after installation :help vroom)


Check out vundle or pathogen.vim and then install:


Add the following to your .vimrc after vundle setup:

Bundle 'skalnik/vim-vroom'

and remember to run :BundleInstall.


Copy and paste:

$ cd ~/.vim/bundle
$ git clone 'git://'


If you're using MacVim & (rbenv or rvm) and your tests are running under the wrong Ruby version, check out this fix.


I first stumbled upon this snippet of code in Gary Bernhardt's .vimrc, and have modified it, turned it into a plugin and begun improving it. Steven Harman also provided inspiration in the creation of the plugin, cucumber support, and Gemfile detection.

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