rbenv and Cucumber don't work together properly #26

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charlietanksley commented Aug 9, 2012

At least for me this morning when I run vroom#RunTestFile() within a cucumber feature I get this error message:

/bin/bash: ./b/./script/cucumber: No such file or directory

I use b as my binstubs directory. This should be calling either ./b/cucumber or, more likely, ./script/cucumber. I'll fix this at some point before too long, but I wanted to register it here.


charlietanksley commented Aug 12, 2012

Hey @prognostikos, two quick questions about cucumber:

  1. Is there a reason to favor ./script/cucumber over the executable cucumber?
  2. Do you need to use bundle exec when you run cucumber with script/cucumber?

I'm pretty sure I messed something up with cucumber and I want to fix it, but I want to be sure I don't mess anything else up!


prognostikos commented Aug 12, 2012

Hi @charlietanksley, I'm not using vim-vroom anymore but the feature I added allows you to specify the path to cucumber in your .vimrc. The default used to be hardcoded to ./script/cucumber.

If you use rbenv and your path is set up correctly setting it to just cucumber should work. If you use binstubs you most likely won't have to use bundle exec.

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