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Fix ambiguous mapping

<Plug>NexusRunTest is a prefix of <Plug>NexusRunTestLine.
There was a delay when invoking it, since Vim waits to see
if you will add Line.
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1 parent cef6928 commit bbaf3c09e466182b1ac08dee25c9e89ff7a5a1a5 @skanev committed May 4, 2012
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@@ -164,7 +164,7 @@ command! NexusSendBuffer call s:sendBuffer()
command! NexusReadPane call s:readPane()
" Mappings {{{1
-noremap <expr> <Plug>NexusRunTest <SID>run('run_test')
+noremap <expr> <Plug>NexusRunTestFile <SID>run('run_test')
noremap <expr> <Plug>NexusRunTestLine <SID>run('run_test_line')
noremap <expr> <Plug>NexusSendBuffer <SID>sendBuffer()
xnoremap <Plug>NexusSendSelection <ESC>:call <SID>sendSelection()<CR>

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