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Docker File Example To Build The Docker Image
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This Dockerfile is sample for creating the Dockerfile for your project. it's basically for tool or test framework but it can fit anywhere with some changes.

Don't use directly this image. it's just sample file how to use docker. I have put the comment before each command, so it would be easier to follow witht all the command.

Please visit this link for full information about the docker use:

You can setup the docker using these command:
  1. Download the docker setup(MAC or Windows) from this link:
  2. Install the docker
  3. After installation done. Go to the location where docker installI(For Mac it
  4. would be application and Windows it would be Desktop/Programs)
  5. Quick way to open Docker to select or open "Docker Quickstart Terminal"
  6. Wait for Docker to setup virtual env for you on your system and open Terminal
  7. To quickly test if docker has been setup correctly run this: docker run ubuntu
  8. /bin/echo 'Hello World' (it should print 'Hello World')
To Get the access of Docker Hub for all public images, use following instruction:
1. Go to this link:
2. Sign Up on Docker Hub and create you account on Docker Hub.
Use existing docker hub image:
docker pull <name_of_docker_images>
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