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Memcached with Prometheus Exporter for Kubernetes

This project shows how to run a memcached in your Kubernetes cluster. Memcached is stateless, so it is pleasure to run it in K8S.

Our task is to create N memcaches instances, each of them needs to have its own kubernetes service and deployment. We cannot hide the memcache behind one service, because a memcached client has to know all the instances for fail-over and load-balancing.


  • Generate k8s configuration files for memcached shreds
  • Memcached metrics exposed with a prometheus exporter

The opinionated parts:

  • Use Makefile,
  • Wrap kuberctl commands with Makefile tasks to enforce guards,
  • A guard that checks whether the intendent TARGET_ENV matches a kubernetes cluster, you are logged in,
  • Use separate kubernetes clusters with postfix: developmnet, staging, production (see guard_right_env in Makefile).


  1. Generate kubernetes config files for your environment (in tmp/$TARGET_ENV directory):

    NUM_SHRED=2 TARGET_ENV=staging make kubernetes_generate_yml
  2. Create services:

    TARGET_ENV=staging make apply_service
  3. Create deployment:

    TARGET_ENV=staging make apply_service