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KivyPie build

Welcome to KivyPie build sources, which allow to run on the RaspberryPI.

The scripts detailed allow to take a pipaOS image and install the Kivy framework on it. It should be straight forward to use a Raspbian too.

PipaOS is available at

The latest features on Kivy are detailed here.

Requirements and preparation

A Linux, i686 based system with nbd support in the kernel. Debian is tested to run smoothly. Download xsysroot somewhere on your path, and create a python symbolic link:

$ curl > ~/bin/xsysroot
$ chmod +x ~/bin/xsysroot ; ln -s ~/bin/xsysroot ~/bin/

Copy the file xsysroot.conf from this repo on your home directory, and download the pipaOS image. This will allow xsysroot to prepare the image and install Kivy in it.

$ mkdir -p ~/osimages ~/xtmp
$ curl > ~/osimages/pipaos-3.3-wheezy.img.gz

Run xsysroot -l, it should display the profile KivyPie. Then, make sure you have additional system tools available by running xsysroot -t. If it complains, install the suggested packages.

Building KivyPie

The build process is separated in 3 stages.

  • is responsible for preparing the OS, install Kivy, and give you a bootable image
  • The KivyPie build and installation script
  • Extracts Kivy runtime into debian packages for Python 2 and 3.

Execute to build KivyPie from scratch. Follow the progress via the logfile with tail -f build.log.

You could actually run directly on the RaspberryPI and it should install Kivy as well. Make sure you do sudo umount /tmp to use the full sd card available space to build all sources.

The latest version of KivyPie and additional info can be found at

###Build debian packages

You can regenerate debian packages manually from the host, as below:

$ xsysroot -p kivypie -m
$ python $(xsysroot -q sysroot)

Packages will be available inside the pkgs folder.