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Create a Debian Jessie to run inside VirtualBox.
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VirtualBox Debian Jessie

This tiny tool will allow you to create a Debian Jessie for Intel/AMD 32 bit ready to boot inside VirtualBox.


You will need a Linux system to build the image. Debian is a very good candidate.

Download and install xsysroot:, also install debootsrap.

Copy the file xsysroot.conf from this folder to your home directory, and do:

 $ python -u >build.log 2>&1

On completion you should get a VDI file. This is all you need to create the VirtualBox VM.

VirtualBox setup

Open Virtual box and create a new Linux Debian virtual machine.

When asked to create a disk, choose a SCSI controller, and select the VDI file generated above. Make sure you enable the PAE option in the Machine tab settings, then boot the VM.

Booting the VM

When starting the virtual machine, Grub should come up with an entry called Debian VM, and boot the system directly after a few seconds.

You should get a login prompt shortly after. Use root for the username and thor for password.

The virtual machine should acquire an IP from Virtualbox, you can ssh remotely into it as root.


Albert - September 2015.

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