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#ifndef _DECODER_H
#define _DECODER_H
#ifdef ARDUINO
#include <Arduino.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <time.h>
#define boolean bool
* Decoder for data of wireless weather sensors like S 300, ASH 2200, and KS 300 manufactured by ELV (
* Definition of decoder module.
#define BUFLEN 100
* Internal decoder state.
typedef enum {
} EDecoderState;
* Value object to hold the decoded sensor values.
typedef struct {
int sensorType;
const char* sensorTypeStr;
int address;
float temperature;
float humidity;
float wind;
int rainSum;
int rainDetect;
int pressure;
unsigned long timeStamp;
} DecoderOutput;
* The decoder.
class Decoder {
* Constructor.
* minLen, maxLen: min and max length of a valid pulse.
* The unit is the same as for pulse, either microseconds or
* multiples of a fixed sample rate.
Decoder(unsigned long minLen = 500, unsigned long maxLen = 1400);
* Feed a ON-OFF pulse into the decoder.
* len: The length of the whole pulse.
* lo: The length of the OFF part.
* return: true if a complete data packet is available.
bool pulse(unsigned long len, unsigned long lo);
* Get the actual output of the decoder.
* Should be called when pulse returns true.
DecoderOutput getDecoderOutput() const;
uint8_t bitval(unsigned long len, unsigned long lo);
int popbits(int num);
bool expectEon();
bool decode();
void pushData(uint8_t val);
int syncCount;
const unsigned long minLen;
const unsigned long maxLen;
uint8_t buffer[BUFLEN];
int bufferEnd;
int bufferFront;
EDecoderState decoderState;
DecoderOutput decoderOutput;