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PHP backend for reading tiles from mbtiles databases
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PHP TileServer

Serves map tiles for interactive online maps à la Google Maps or Open Street Maps. You
can use any map created by TileMill (or other software that produces .mbtiles files).

This TileServer serves the following information:

1. Regular .PNG or .JPG image tiles
2. The "UTFGrid" json-tiles necessary to add interactivity to the map
3. The "TileJson" configuration file necessary to get your Javascript map viewer started
4. The XML files necessary to implement the Tile Map Service Specification

Installation is simple: just put the .php file and the .htaccess file in the same 
directory as your .mbtiles file(s), and you're good to go! You can then use LeafLet 
or ModestMaps, or any other map viewer, to display your map.

To see examples of what this TileServer can serve, you can go to the URL of where you 
installed it.

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