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My configs for urxvt, i3, vim, zsh and various other applications. They have all been taken from the Arch Linux forums, with modifications to a few configs.


i3 window manager requires 2 configs: ~/.i3/config and ~/.config/i3status/config. If you would like to use my configs, make sure you have the fonts defined in .i3/config lines 19 and 58 (otherwise change them), and edit the autostart section at the end of the config to suit your needs.

I like to use lxappearance in order to check the full name for a font, in order to use it in my configs.


  • .Xresources are included in this repository for my urxvt theme. I got it from the Arch Linux Screenshots thread:


Whenever I'm happy with a certain configuration, I post a screenshot of it on my Flickr account here: