A secure utmp/wtmp implementation
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utmps - a secure utmpx and wtmp implementation

 utmps is a library implementing the utmpx.h
family of functions, for use with C libraries that do not
implement them, such as musl - or that do implement them,
but in an insecure way, such as... all the other libcs.

 Its particularity is that it does not use setuid or setgid
programs or files; it does not give random programs the right
to modify system-wide files. Instead, it comes with a daemon
that must be running for utmp account to be functional, and
that takes charge of the utmp data management itself; utmpx.h
primitives simply communicate with that daemon.

 See https://skarnet.org/software/utmps/ for details.

* Installation

 See the INSTALL file.

* Contact information

 Laurent Bercot <ska-skaware at skarnet.org>