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The Text101 section of the Udemy course Unity 2D
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Text 101

The first real game for the Udemy course Unity 2D (

The purpose of the game was to create a branching story based game. I decided to create this one for my kids, so therefor it's in Dutch.

How to play

Clone the repo, open it in Unity and play

If you want to edit, all the different states are the different steps in the story. Every state has it's own following states, depending on the choice made.

Extra features

The course was very basic, so I decided to add some extra features. Some of the choices are remembered. If you want to adjust the text, be aware that the syntax of the text supports some of the choices:

If you want to show text depending on if you have the cat (Karel), use the following: [karel: your text here]

If you want to text based on the gender picked in the first screen, write it as followed: [boys text/girls text], for example: You will play with a [car/doll]

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