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This repository contains the source code for an npm version inspired dotnet global tool for dotnet core 2.1 or newer.

This used to be a dotnet csproj installable cli tool - if you are not ready for the move to dotnet 2.1 global tools, please take a look at the last 0.7.0 release that supports csproj installation.

Once installed it provides a dotnet version command which allows you to easily bump patch, minor and major versions on your project. Alternatively it allows you to call it with the specific version it should set in the target csproj.

We do not aim to be 100% feature compatible with npm version but provide the bare minimum for working with version numbers on your libraries and applications.

Effectively this means that issuing a patch command will

  • bump the patch version of your project with 1 - so 1.0.0 becomes 1.0.1
  • Create a commit with the message v1.0.1
  • Create a tag with the name v1.0.1

Similarly for minor and major, but changing different parts of the version number.

To control the output format the --output-format switch can be used - currently supported values are json and text. Please beware that output is only reformatted for success-cases, so if something is wrong you will get a non 0 exit code and text output! Changing output format works for both "version bumping" and the "show version" operations of the cli.

The commit and tag can be disabled via the --skip-vcs option.

A completely dry run where nothing will be changed but the new version number is output can be enabled with the --dry-run switch. Performing a dry run also implies skip vcs.

Installing the cli tool

To install the tool simply issue

dotnet tool install -g dotnet-version-cli

Now it should be available as

dotnet version

It can also be executed directly as dotnet-version - both should produce output similar to

$ dotnet version
Project version is:

Using json output will produce

$ dotnet version --output-format=json

The product bit is information about the cli tool itself.

Standard workflow

You have just merged a PR with a bugfix onto master and you are ready to release a new version of your library / application. The workflow is then

$ git pull
$ dotnet version -f ./src/my.csproj patch
$ git push && git push --tags

Possible CI workflow

If you do not care that commits and tags are made with the current version of your library, but simply wish to bump the version of your software when building on master, the tool can be used as (powershell example):

dotnet version "1.0.$env:BUILD_ID"

replacing BUILD_ID with whatever variable your build environment injects. The total count of commits in your git repo can also be used as a build number:

$revCount = & git rev-list HEAD --count | Out-String
dotnet version "1.0.$revCount"