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PRs are the preferred way to spike ideas and address issues, if you have time. If you plan on contributing frequently, please feel free to ask to become a maintainer; the more the merrier.

Technical overview

We use Bolt to manage our mono-repo. Please read their docs before proceeding.

  • The site can be found in site/.
  • All packages can be found in packages/.

Getting started

To get started, run bolt.


To run your tests in watch mode, run:

jest --watch

To narrow down the tests that are run, you can use the --testPathPattern option:

jest --watch --testPathPattern skatejs

The above would run only tests that have paths that match skatejs, for example.

Documentation / website

To document a package or work on the website, run bolt dev. This will start up a webpack-dev-server and you can dev as normal.


Releasing is restricted to those with NPM access. If you have access there's a couple commands that will help you.

To determine what needs to be released you can run projector changes. You can then run projector release to release the packages at your specified type.

If you want to release a patch version of skatejs, you can run projector release --packages skatejs --type patch.

Other commands

Here are some other commands that you may need to run from time to time, for whatever reason:

  • bolt build builds all distributions.
  • bolt flow invokes the local flow-bin dependency.
  • bolt precommit runs the pre-commit hook.
  • bolt prepare prepares the packages for publishing.
  • bolt site compiles the website.
  • bolt test runs all tests for all packages once.
  • bolt test:js runs all the unit / integration tests.
  • bolt test:ts runs all of the TypeScript definition tests.