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a library for working with Twitter's REST v1.1 API for application authentication only
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Twitter API Library for Applications


You can install this package through Composer:

Getting Started

Visit to define an application on Twitter and save your API key information.

Currently this library only supports application-only authentication. This means that any request to the API for endpoints that require user context, such as posting tweets, will not work.

Searching tweets

$twitterSearch = new Tang\TwitterRestApi\TwitterApi([
    'api_key' => API_KEY,
    'api_secret' => API_SECRET

$json = $twitterSearch->authenticate()->get('search/tweets', [
    'q' => 'laravel'

You can pass in a 3rd argument to the TwitterApi::get() and this will return the JSON decoded.

Getting a user's timeline

$twitterApi = new Tang\TwitterRestApi\TwitterApi([
    'api_key' => API_KEY,
    'api_secret' => API_SECRET

$json = $twitterApi->authenticate()->get('statuses/user_timeline', [
    'screen_name' => 'uscitp',
    'count' => 10,
    'exclude_replies' => true

You can pass in any application level base route to the get method along with query string params passed as an array.

Working Examples

See the examples folder for working examples

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