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Ryan has provided a resource of unparalleled value to the Rails community -- not just his amazing Railscasts, but also the Railscasts site itself. By picking it apart and seeing how he does things, one can learn any number of Best Practices. Thanks, Ryan!


This is the source code for the RailsCasts site. If you want the source code for the episodes, see the railscasts-episodes project.

Please let me know if you plan to use this app for your site.


This is designed to run on Ruby 1.9.2 or higher. If you're using RVM it should automatically switch to 1.9.2 when entering the directory.

Run script/setup. This will generate the config files, install gems, and migrate the database.

You can then start the server with rails s and run the specs with rake.

You may want to install Sphinx, run the index and start rake commands, and set thinking_sphinx: true in app_config.yml. This isn't required since it will default to a primitive search.

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