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Personal TODO list!

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Local Storage is a web based to-do list application. It utilizes your local storage to bring you a personal list that is not only unique to what you have to put in there but doesn't require any sort of login or account.

Data is stored on the local storage.

Future Features


I will perhaps remake this application using React.

Right now whenever an item is added to the list the whole list is repopulated. With React only one item would be changed. Same goes with toggling an item on the list, the whole list is repopulating, but with React it wouldn't.

Delete Items

I do have future plans on expanding the usage of this application. I will either make those changes on this version or a recreated React version.

New list

Another feature that I want to implement in the future is the ability to create a new list and perhaps a move these lists around freely(positioning) on the browser.