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This is the repository for the forthcoming article, "Institutional Legitimacy in sub-Saharan Africa."
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State Legitimacy

This repository contains the replication material for the article: "Institutional Legitimacy in sub-Saharan Africa," which is forthcoming in Democratization (2019).


Sarah K. Dreier and Milli Lake.

Recode and prepare data

The original dataset merged_r6_data_2016_36countries2.sav contains the merged Afrobarometer Round 6 (2016) survey data. It is available to be downloaded from the Afrobarometer website.

variable_recode.R recodes variables from the source Afrobarometer data for the purposes of this analysis. This script also subsets the recoded variables into the new dataset.

Main analysis

main_analysis.R runs the models and simulation . plots featured in the article's main analysis. The recoded, subseted used in this script, afro_courts_police.RData, can be loaded from this repository. Its object name is "data."

binary_IV_plots.R simulates results from the article's main binary-IV models.

All resulting figures are also posted in the repository.

Descriptive statistics and robustness checks

Original scripts for descriptive statistics tables and figures and for additional robustness-check models are available upon request.

Questions and contact information

All questions may be directed to Sarah Dreier, who is the article's first author and repository ownder (skdreier at uw dot edu).

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