Ansible example using Vagrant to deploy Centos7 server with Apache2.4.6, PHP7 (with xdebug), mariaDB5.5 and phpmyadmin to local VM.
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Vagrant Centos 7 lamp using Ansible playbook

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This personal development VM with Ansible provisioning is fully working example. I created this VM in order to have a proper php testbed for my php applications. After vagrant up, the main url will welcome you with phpinfo(). I hope you will enjoy this VM and I always accept recommendations and requests.

Guest OS

I am using the lastest CentOS 7 x64 image from official Hashicorp (thanks)

Prerequisites / Requirements

How to run

Create your new folder for your project. Clone this repository into that folder, which will download all configuration needed to run vagrant machine. Then just run vagrant up in terminal and the rest will be done automatically. Open up terminal and run these commands:

$ cd /var/www
$ mkdir project
$ cd project
$ git clone
$ cd vagrant-centos7-ansible-lamp/
$ vagrant up

Your /var/www/project folder will be synced with with vagrants apache root directory. Note, that if you run it first time, vagrant will download the guest OS (414 MB of Centos 7 in this case) box from internet, which in my case took 8 minutes and will save it locally so that vagrant can use it later.




What is included

Tag 0.1.0

  • Apache 2.4.6
  • latest php 5.6.*
  • latest mySQL MariaDB 5.5.* on port 3306 (user: root, pass: toor)
  • phpinfo() on
  • phpmyadmin on (latest version is cloned into vagrantbox)

Tag 0.2.0

Same as previous, but latest PHP 7.0.* (php7) is used