SkedGo's TripKit for iOS (and macOS)
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TripGo API SkedGo's TripKit for iOS

platforms CocoaPods Carthage compatible

Additional documentation is available on the TripGo Developer page


  • TripKit (iOS, iOS extensions, macOS): Core functionality for A-to-B routing, waypoint routing, real-time updates, transport data, and more.
  • TripKitUI (iOS, iOS extensions): UI elements for displaying trips on a map and TripGo-styled table cells.
  • TripKitBookings (iOS): User accounts and in-app booking functionality.
  • TripKitInterApp (iOS): Helpers for deep linking into other apps, such as FlitWays, GoCatch, Ingogo, Lyft, Ola and Uber.



Add desired pods:

  pod 'TripKit',                '~> 3.1'
  pod 'TripKitUI',              '~> 3.1'
  pod 'TripKitBookings',        '~> 3.1'
  pod 'TripKitInterApp',        '~> 3.1'


Add this to your Cartfile:

github "skedgo/tripkit-ios" ~> 3.1

Then run carthage update and add the desired framework to your project as described in the Carthage docs.

When doing so, you'll need to add the respective dependencies:

  • TripKit / TripKitInterApp:
    • ASPolygonKit
    • RxSwift
    • RxCocoa
  • TripKitUI:
    • Those of TripKit, plus:
    • ASPolylineView
    • Kingfisher
  • TripKitBookings:
    • Those of TripKitUI, plus:
    • KeychainAccess
    • OAuthSwift
    • KVNProgress
    • SwiftyJSON


  • Drag the files into your project.
  • Add dependencies (see TripKit.podspec)
  • Add -DTK_NO_MODULE to your target's Other C Flags and Other Swift Flags
  • Add TK_NO_MODULE=1 to your target's Preprocessor Macros

If there's any trouble with that, see the example under Project.


  • In your app delegate, provide your API key and start a new session:
  func applicationDidFinishLaunching(_ aNotification: Notification) {
    TripKit.apiKey = "MY_API_KEY"

    // ...