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package main
import (
func init() {
summary := "Compare a DB instance's schemas and tables to the filesystem"
desc := `Compares the schemas on database instance(s) to the corresponding filesystem
representation of them. The output is a series of DDL commands that, if run on
the instance, would cause the instances' schemas to now match the ones in the
You may optionally pass an environment name as a CLI option. This will affect
which section of .skeema config files is used for processing. For example,
running ` + "`" + `skeema diff staging` + "`" + ` will apply config directives from the
[staging] section of config files, as well as any sectionless directives at the
top of the file. If no environment name is supplied, the default is
The ` + "`" + `skeema diff` + "`" + ` command is equivalent to ` + "`" + `skeema push --dry-run` + "`" + `.
An exit code of 0 will be returned if no differences were found, 1 if some
differences were found, or 2+ if an error occurred.`
cmd := mybase.NewCommand("diff", summary, desc, DiffHandler)
cmd.AddArg("environment", "production", false)
// DiffHandler is the handler method for `skeema diff`
func DiffHandler(cfg *mybase.Config) error {
// We just delegate to PushHandler, forcing dry-run to be enabled
cfg.CLI.OptionValues["dry-run"] = "1"
return PushHandler(cfg)
// clonePushOptionsToDiff copies options from `skeema push` into `skeema diff`
func clonePushOptionsToDiff() {
// Logic relies on init() having been called in both push.go AND diff.go, so we
// call it from both places, but only one will succeed
diff, ok1 := CommandSuite.SubCommands["diff"]
push, ok2 := CommandSuite.SubCommands["push"]
if !ok1 || !ok2 {
descRewrites := map[string]string{
"allow-unsafe": "Permit generating ALTER or DROP operations that are potentially destructive",
"alter-wrapper": "Output ALTER TABLEs as shell commands rather than just raw DDL; see manual for template vars",
"brief": "Don't output DDL to STDOUT; instead output list of instances with at least one difference",
"safe-below-size": "Always permit generating destructive operations for tables below this size in bytes",
hiddenRewrites := map[string]bool{
"brief": false,
"dry-run": true,
"foreign-key-checks": true,
diffOptions := diff.Options()
pushOptions := push.Options()
for name, pushOpt := range pushOptions {
if _, already := diffOptions[name]; already {
diffOpt := *pushOpt
if newDesc, ok := descRewrites[name]; ok {
diffOpt.Description = newDesc
if newHiddenStatus, ok := hiddenRewrites[name]; ok {
diffOpt.HiddenOnCLI = newHiddenStatus