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.skeema files: stop climbing dir hierarchy at repo base or $HOME

Options set in .skeema files in parent directories "cascade" down the directory
hierarchy, much like Apache .htaccess files, so that options don't need to be
redundantly specified in each leaf dir. The intended behavior is that parent
directory evaluation doesn't extend up beyond a user's home directory, or
beyond the current git repository's base, as it doesn't make sense for .skeema
files to be further up the parent dir hierarchy. However, a subtle logic bug
led to a few cases where parent directory evaluation would extend to the fs
root. This commit fixes that bug.

Practically speaking, this has no impact beyond saving a few unnecessary
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evanelias committed Nov 28, 2018
1 parent 30fe4ee commit bc18794b036236966bcb56b030a9851f427eb63e
Showing with 9 additions and 9 deletions.
  1. +9 −9 fs/dir.go
@@ -459,19 +459,16 @@ func ParentOptionFiles(dirPath string, baseConfig *mybase.Config) ([]*mybase.Fil
if err != nil {
return nil, err
cleaned = strings.TrimRight(cleaned, "/") // Prevent strings.Split from spitting out 2 blank strings for root dir
components := strings.Split(cleaned, string(os.PathSeparator))
// we know the first character will be a /, so discard the first split result
// which we know will be an empty string; and discard the last one since the
// working dir's .skeema file gets handled by Dir.parseContents() to save as
// dir.OptionFile.
components = components[1 : len(components)-1]
files := make([]*mybase.File, 0, len(components))
files := make([]*mybase.File, 0, len(components)-1)
// Examine parent dirs, going up one level at a time, stopping early if we
// hit either the user's home directory or a directory containing a .git subdir.
home := filepath.Clean(os.Getenv("HOME"))
for n := len(components) - 1; n >= 0; n-- {
var atRepoRoot bool
for n := len(components) - 1; n >= 0 && !atRepoRoot; n-- {
curPath := "/" + path.Join(components[0:n+1]...)
if curPath == home {
// We already read ~/.skeema as a global file
@@ -484,8 +481,11 @@ func ParentOptionFiles(dirPath string, baseConfig *mybase.Config) ([]*mybase.Fil
for _, fi := range fileInfos {
if fi.Name() == ".git" {
n = -1 // stop outer loop early, after done with this dir
} else if fi.Name() == ".skeema" {
atRepoRoot = true
} else if fi.Name() == ".skeema" && n < len(components)-1 {
// The second part of the above conditional ensures we ignore dirPath's own
// .skeema file, since that is handled in Dir.parseContents() to save as
// dir.OptionFile.
f, err := parseOptionFile(curPath, baseConfig)
if err != nil {
return nil, err

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