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This release includes several bug fixes:

  • Procs/funcs with inaccessible bodies are now ignored. This condition occurs when running Skeema as a non-root user with insufficient privs to manipulate these routines. Previously this caused an error. (#81)

  • In MySQL 5.5 and Percona Server 5.5, tables with multiple foreign keys were sometimes erroneously marked as unsupported for diff. This is now fixed. This bug only affected 5.5 and older. (#83)

  • skeema lint no longer panics with a stack trace if the database server is inaccessible. (#80)

  • skeema lint now reformats SQL files prior to performing linting, rather than the other way around. The previous behavior could lead to annotations with the wrong line number.

  • Some distributions of MySQL and MariaDB include extra comments in the server's version_comment variable, which could result in Skeema failing to auto-parse the vendor properly into the flavor variable. This previously affected distributions via Ubuntu, Homebrew, and possibly others. This is now fixed.

Thank you to @johlo and @thinQ-skeema for code contributions, and to all users who submitted issues recently.

CI beta

If you store your schema repo on GitHub, check out the new CI beta! This new system automatically lints and diffs each commit and pull request, providing continuous integration for schema changes directly inside GitHub's UI.

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