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;;; @-mixins.el --- useful mixin prototypes for @
;; This is free and unencumbered software released into the public domain.
;;; Commentary:
;; The mixins provided:
;; * @soft-get
;; * @immutable
;; * @watchable
;; See each variable's documentation for more info.
;;; Code:
(require '@)
(defvar @soft-get (@extend :default-get nil)
"Mixin: don't throw errors on unbound properties.")
(def@ @soft-get :get (_property)
"If no DEFAULT is provided for PROPERTY, return @:default-get."
(defvar @immutable (@extend :immutable-error t)
"Don't allow changes on this object. Causes error if :immutable-error is t.")
(def@ @immutable :set (property _value)
"Don't allow setting of properties on this object."
(when @:immutable-error
(error "Object is immutable, cannot set %s" property)))
(defvar @watchable (@extend :watchers nil)
"Allow subscribing to changes to this object.")
(def@ @watchable :watch (callback)
"Subscribe to this object's changes."
(push callback @:watchers))
(def@ @watchable :unwatch (callback)
"Subscribe to this object's changes."
(setf @:watchers (remove callback @:watchers)))
(def@ @watchable :set (property new)
(dolist (callback @:watchers)
(funcall callback @@ property new))
(@^:set property new))
(provide '@-mixins)
;;; @-mixins.el ends here