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;;; @.el --- multiple-inheritance prototype-based objects DSL
;; This is free and unencumbered software released into the public domain.
;; Author: Christopher Wellons <>
;; URL:
;; Version: 1.4
;; Package-Requires: ((queue "0.1") (emacs "24"))
;;; Commentary:
;; @ is a library providing a domain-specific language for
;; multiple-inheritance prototype-based objects in Emacs Lisp. The
;; goal is to provide a platform for elegant object-oriented Emacs
;; Lisp.
;; @ performance benefits significantly from byte-compilation.
;; See for a demonstration.
;;; Code:
(require 'cl)
(require 'queue)
(defvar @ [@ (:proto ())]
"The root object of the @ object system.")
(defun @p (object)
"Return t if OBJECT is an @ object."
(and (vectorp object) (eq '@ (aref object 0))))
(defun @extend (&rest args)
"Create a new object extending zero or more prototypes, binding
the given property/value pairs as properties. If no prototypes
are provided, extend @."
(let* ((objects ()))
(while (@p (car args))
(push (pop args) objects))
(when (null objects) (push @ objects))
(vector '@ `(:proto ,(nreverse objects) ,@args))))
(defun @precedence (object)
"Return the lookup precedence order for OBJECT."
(append (plist-get (aref object 1) :proto)
(mapcan #'@precedence (plist-get (aref object 1) :proto)))))
(defun @is (object proto)
"Return t if OBJECT is an instance of PROTO."
(and (@p object)
(or (eq object proto)
(and (memq proto (@precedence object)) t))))
(defun* @ (object property &key super (default nil defaulted))
"Find and return PROPERTY for OBJECT in the prototype chain.
If :super is t, skip the first match in the prototype chain.
If :default, don't produce an error but return the provided value."
(let ((queue (make-queue)))
(queue-enqueue queue object)
(loop while (queue-head queue)
with skip = (if super 1 0)
for plist = (aref (queue-dequeue queue) 1)
for pair = (plist-member plist property)
when pair do (if (zerop skip)
(return (second pair))
(decf skip))
do (dolist (parent (plist-get plist :proto))
(queue-enqueue queue parent))
finally (return
(if defaulted
(@! object :get property))))))
(defun @--set (object property new-value)
(@! object :set property new-value))
(defsetf @ @--set)
(defun @! (object property &rest args)
"Call the method stored in PROPERTY with ARGS."
(apply (@ object property) object args))
(defun @--walk (sexp skip replace &optional head)
"Replace all symbols by calling REPLACE on them."
(macrolet ((wrap (exp) `(let ((v ,exp)) (if head (list v) v))))
((symbolp sexp) (funcall replace sexp head))
((atom sexp) (wrap sexp))
((member (first sexp) skip) (wrap sexp))
(append (@--walk (first sexp) skip replace t)
(loop for element in (cdr sexp)
collect (@--walk element skip replace nil))))))))
(defun @--replace (symbol head)
"Replace @: and @^: symbols with their lookup/funcall expansions."
(let ((name (symbol-name symbol)))
(cond ((string-prefix-p "@:" name)
(let ((property (intern (substring name 1))))
(if head
`(@! @@ ,property)
`(@ @@ ,property))))
((string-prefix-p "@^:" name)
(let ((property (intern (substring name 2))))
(if head
`(funcall (@ @@@ ,property :super t) @@)
`(@ @@ ,property :super t))))
(t (if head (list symbol) symbol)))))
(defmacro with-@@ (object &rest body)
"Provide the @: and @^: DSL utilities for OBJECT in BODY."
(declare (indent defun))
`(let ((@@ ,object))
,@(cdr (@--walk (cons 'progn body) '(quote with-@@) #'@--replace))))
(defmacro def@ (object method params &rest body)
"Define METHOD body on OBJECT."
(declare (indent defun))
(setf (@ ,object ,method)
(function* (lambda ,(cons '@@ params)
,@(if (stringp (car body)) (list (car body)) ())
(let ((@@@ ,object))
(with-@@ @@
,@(if (stringp (car body)) (cdr body) body))))))
(font-lock-add-keywords 'emacs-lisp-mode
'(("(\\<\\(def@\\)\\> +\\([^ ()]+\\)"
(1 'font-lock-keyword-face)
(2 'font-lock-function-name-face))))
(font-lock-add-keywords 'emacs-lisp-mode
'(("\\<\\(@\\^?:[^ ()]+\\)\\>"
(1 'font-lock-builtin-face))))
;; Core methods
(setf (aref @ 1) ; Bootstrap :set
(plist-put (aref @ 1) :set
(lambda (@@ property new-value)
(setf (aref @@ 1)
(plist-put (aref @@ 1) property new-value))
(def@ @ :get (property)
"Dynamic property getter. This one produces an error."
(error "Property unbound: %s" property))
(def@ @ :init ())
(def@ @ :new (&rest args)
"Extend this object and call the constructor method (:init) with ARGS."
(let ((object (@extend @@)))
(apply (@ object :init) object args)
(def@ @ :is (object)
"Return t if this object is an instance of OBJECT."
(@is @@ object))
(def@ @ :keys ()
"Return a list of the keys directly on @@."
(loop for (key value) on (aref @@ 1) by #'cddr collect key))
;; Top-level Object Management
(defun @--list-all ()
"List all global prototypes that start with @."
(flet ((protop (atom) (and (boundp atom)
(@p (symbol-value atom))
(= ?@ (aref (symbol-name atom) 0)))))
(let ((list))
(mapatoms (lambda (atom) (if (protop atom) (push atom list))))
(defun describe-@ (proto property)
"Like `describe-function' but for global protoype methods."
(let* ((protos (mapcar #'symbol-name (@--list-all)))
(prompt0 "Describe prototype: ")
(symbol (intern (completing-read prompt0 protos nil t "@")))
(proto (symbol-value symbol))
(props (@! proto :keys))
(methods (remove-if-not (lambda (p) (functionp (@ proto p))) props))
(method-names (mapcar #'symbol-name methods))
(prompt1 "Describe property: ")
(property (intern (completing-read prompt1 method-names nil t ":"))))
(list proto property)))
(describe-function (@ proto property)))
(global-set-key (kbd "C-h @") 'describe-@)
(defun @--undefine-all ()
"Undefine all public prototypes. Useful for reloading when debugging."
(mapc #'makunbound (@--list-all)))
(defun @--byte-compile-all ()
"Byte-compile all public prototype methods."
(dolist (proto (mapcar #'symbol-value (@--list-all)))
(dolist (prop (@! proto :keys))
(when (functionp (@ proto prop))
(byte-compile (@ proto prop))))))
;; Local Variables:
;; lexical-binding: t
;; End:
(provide '@)
;;; @.el ends here
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