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Syntax highlighting for Emacs' cl-lib.
Emacs Lisp
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cl-lib highlighting

This library adds all of the familiar highlighting to cl-lib macros (cl-defun, cl-loop, etc.) that were originally provided for cl.

It's not simply throwing in all the symbols as keywords. They're being added using the same regular expressions that cl gets, so function names get highlighted with cl-defun, type names get highlighted with cl-defstruct, etc.


Load this library and run cl-lib-highlight-initialize.

If you want to mark out the old cl functions with a warning face, also run cl-lib-highlight-warn-cl-initialize.


I think cl-lib was a mistake, but since it's here it needs to be well-supported. The Emacs devs have chosen to exclude cl-lib font-locking so it must be supported through a library.

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