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EMACS = emacs
BATCH = $(EMACS) -batch -Q -L . -L tests
VERSION = 3.3.0
EL = elfeed-csv.el elfeed-curl.el elfeed-db.el elfeed-lib.el \
elfeed-log.el elfeed-show.el elfeed.el xml-query.el \
elfeed-search.el elfeed-link.el
DOC = UNLICENSE elfeed-pkg.el
WEB = web/elfeed-web-pkg.el web/elfeed-web.el web/elfeed.css \
web/elfeed.js web/index.html
TEST = tests/elfeed-db-tests.el tests/elfeed-lib-tests.el \
tests/elfeed-tests.el tests/elfeed-search-tests.el \
compile: $(EL:.el=.elc) $(TEST:.el=.elc)
check: test
test: $(EL:.el=.elc) $(TEST:.el=.elc)
$(BATCH) -l tests/elfeed-tests.elc -f ert-run-tests-batch
package: elfeed-$(VERSION).tar elfeed-web-$(VERSION).tar
rm -f *.tar $(EL:.el=.elc) $(TEST:.el=.elc)
virtual: compile
(mkdir -p tmp-$$$$/.elfeed; \
cp ~/.elfeed/index tmp-$$$$/.elfeed/ 2>/dev/null || true; \
trap "rm -rf tmp-$$$$" INT EXIT; \
HOME=$$PWD/tmp-$$$$ $(EMACS) -L . -l elfeed.elc $(ARGS))
elfeed-$(VERSION).tar: $(EL) $(DOC)
rm -rf elfeed-$(VERSION)/
mkdir elfeed-$(VERSION)/
cp $(EL) $(DOC) elfeed-$(VERSION)/
tar cf $@ elfeed-$(VERSION)/
rm -rf elfeed-$(VERSION)/
elfeed-web-$(VERSION).tar: $(WEB)
rm -rf elfeed-web-$(VERSION)/
mkdir elfeed-web-$(VERSION)/
cp $(WEB) elfeed-web-$(VERSION)/
tar cf $@ elfeed-web-$(VERSION)/
rm -rf elfeed-web-$(VERSION)/
elfeed-csv.elc: elfeed-csv.el elfeed-db.elc
elfeed-curl.elc: elfeed-curl.el elfeed-lib.elc elfeed-log.elc
elfeed-db.elc: elfeed-db.el elfeed-lib.elc
elfeed-lib.elc: elfeed-lib.el
elfeed-log.elc: elfeed-log.el
elfeed-show.elc: elfeed-show.el elfeed.elc elfeed-db.elc elfeed-lib.elc \
elfeed-link.elc: elfeed-link.el elfeed.elc elfeed-search.elc elfeed-show.elc
elfeed.elc: elfeed.el elfeed-lib.elc elfeed-log.elc elfeed-curl.elc \
elfeed-db.elc xml-query.elc
xml-query.elc: xml-query.el
elfeed-search.elc: elfeed-search.el elfeed.elc elfeed-db.elc elfeed-lib.elc
tests/elfeed-db-tests.elc: tests/elfeed-db-tests.el elfeed-db.elc
tests/elfeed-lib-tests.elc: tests/elfeed-lib-tests.el elfeed-lib.elc
tests/elfeed-tests.elc: tests/elfeed-tests.el elfeed.elc
tests/xml-query-tests.elc: tests/xml-query-tests.el xml-query.elc
.SUFFIXES: .el .elc
$(BATCH) -f batch-byte-compile $<
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