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13 fakespace.el
@@ -44,16 +44,16 @@
;;; Code:
-(defun atom-list (&optional ob)
+(defun fakespace--atom-list (&optional ob)
"Return given obarray OB as a list. Defaults to obarray."
(let ((lst ()))
(mapatoms (lambda (s) (push s lst)) ob)
-(defun atom-difference (a b)
+(defun fakespace--atom-difference (a b)
"Like set-difference, but, for performance reasons, requires
-specially formed lists (i.e. from `atom-list'). Returns items
-that are in B and not A."
+specially formed lists (i.e. from `fakespace--atom-list'). Returns
+items that are in B and not A."
(let ((diff))
(while (and (not (null a)) (not (null b)))
(while (not (eq (car a) (car b)))
@@ -69,13 +69,14 @@ that are in B and not A."
(let ((type (car arg)))
(cond ((eq type :exports) t) ; interning the symbols is enough
((eq type :use) (mapcar (lambda (s) (require s)) (cdr arg))))))
- (setq old-obarray (atom-list))
+ (setq old-obarray (fakespace--atom-list))
`(provide (quote ,name)))
(defmacro end-package ()
(cons 'progn
(mapcar (lambda (s) `(unintern (quote ,s) nil))
- (atom-difference old-obarray (atom-list))))))
+ (fakespace--atom-difference old-obarray
+ (fakespace--atom-list))))))
(provide 'fakespace)

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