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Improved java-package function.

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1 parent 66fc1f5 commit 8405fc9958eb9d9e3e6345a8686baace8e44658c @skeeto committed Nov 19, 2011
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  1. +11 −11 java-mode-plus.el
@@ -198,6 +198,9 @@
(defvar open-java-project-excludes '("build" ".git" ".svn" ".hg")
"Directories that shouldn't be followed by `open-java-project'.")
+(defvar java-package-roots '("src" "test")
+ "List of directories that tend to be at the root of packages.")
(defun ant-compile ()
"Traveling up the path, find build.xml file and run compile."
@@ -236,17 +239,14 @@ the given directory."
(defun java-package ()
"Returns a guess of the package of the current Java source
-file, based on the absolute filename. The last src/ directory is
-considered the package root."
- (labels ((last-member (el list)
- (let ((match (member el list)))
- (if match
- (or (last-member el (cdr match)) match)))))
- (mapconcat 'identity
- (butlast (cdr (last-member "src" (split-string
- (file-name-directory
- buffer-file-name) "/"))))
- ".")))
+file, based on the absolute filename. Package roots are matched
+against `java-package-roots'."
+ (labels ((search-root (stack path)
+ (if (or (null path) (member (car path) java-package-roots))
+ (mapconcat 'identity stack ".")
+ (search-root (cons (car path) stack) (cdr path)))))
+ (search-root '() (cdr (reverse (split-string (file-name-directory
+ buffer-file-name) "/"))))))
(defun java-class-name ()
"Determine the class name from the filename."

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