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Support for pulling docs from .jar files.

Unfortunately your browser won't know how to read it.
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1 parent d7fef06 commit 0e307d4a6938b6798292feb9f3655e5251cd5bbd @skeeto committed
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17 java-docs.el
@@ -85,6 +85,9 @@
(defvar java-docs-current-root nil
"Current root being indexed. Used to determine full class name.")
+(defvar java-docs-temp-pattern (concat temporary-file-directory "javadocs-")
+ "Pattern for unzipping .jar files containing docs.")
(defun java-docs (&rest dirs)
"Set the Javadoc search path to DIRS and index them."
(let ((list (mapcar (lambda (dir) (expand-file-name (concat dir "/"))) dirs)))
@@ -137,10 +140,22 @@ hash plus version info."
(if (and java-docs-enable-cache
(file-exists-p cache-file))
(java-docs-load-cache cache-file)
- (java-docs-index dir hash)
+ (if (file-directory-p dir)
+ (java-docs-index dir hash)
+ (let ((tmpdir (java-docs-unzip (substring dir 0 -1)))) ; jar files
+ (let ((java-docs-current-root (concat tmpdir "/")))
+ (java-docs-index tmpdir hash))
+ (delete-directory tmpdir t)))
(java-docs-save-cache cache-file dir hash)
(java-docs-add-hash hash))))
+(defun java-docs-unzip (archive)
+ "Unzip the archive into a temporary directory and return the
+directory name."
+ (let ((dir (make-temp-name java-docs-temp-pattern)))
+ (call-process "unzip" nil nil nil "-d" dir archive)
+ dir))
(defun java-docs-short-name (fullclass)
"Return short name for given class."
(let ((case-fold-search nil))

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