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;;; simple-httpd-test.el --- simple-httpd unit tests
;;; Commentary:
;; Run standalone with this,
;; emacs -batch -L . -l simple-httpd-test.el -f ert-run-tests-batch
;;; Code:
(require 'cl)
(require 'ert)
(require 'simple-httpd)
(ert-deftest httpd-clean-path-test ()
"Ensure that paths are sanitized properly."
(should (equal (httpd-clean-path "/") "./"))
(should (equal (httpd-clean-path "../") "./"))
(should (equal (httpd-clean-path "/../../foo/../..") "./foo"))
(should (equal (httpd-clean-path "/tmp/../root/foo") "./tmp/root/foo"))
(should (equal (httpd-clean-path "~") "./~"))
(should (equal (httpd-clean-path "/~/.gnupg") "./~/.gnupg")))
(ert-deftest httpd-mime-test ()
"Test MIME type fetching."
(should (equal (httpd-get-mime "txt") "text/plain"))
(should (equal (httpd-get-mime "unknown") "application/octet-stream"))
(should (equal (httpd-get-mime nil) "application/octet-stream")))
(ert-deftest httpd-parse-test ()
"Test HTTP header parsing."
(let* ((h "GET /f%20b HTTP/1.1\r\nHost: localhost:8080\r\DNT: 1, 2\r\n\r\n")
(p (httpd-parse h)))
(should (equal (cadar p) "/f%20b"))
(should (equal (cadr (assoc "Host" p)) "localhost:8080"))
(should (equal (cadr (assoc "Dnt" p)) "1, 2"))))
(ert-deftest httpd-parse-uri-test ()
"Test URI parsing."
(let* ((url "/foo/bar%20baz.html?q=test%26case&v=10#page10")
(p (httpd-parse-uri url))
(args (cadr p))
(fragment (caddr p)))
(should (equal (car p) "/foo/bar baz.html"))
(should (equal (cadr (assoc "v" args)) "10"))
(should (equal (cadr (assoc "q" args)) "test&case"))
(should (equal fragment "page10"))))
(ert-deftest httpd-send-header-test ()
"Test server header output."
(let ((header ""))
(flet ((process-send-region (p a b)
(setq header (concat header (buffer-string)))))
(httpd-send-header nil "text/html" 404 :Foo "bar"))
(let ((out (httpd-parse header)))
(should (equal (cadar out) "404"))
(should (equal (cadr (assoc "Content-Type" out)) "text/html"))
(should (equal (cadr (assoc "Foo" out)) "bar")))))
(ert-deftest httpd-status-test ()
"Test HTTP status message for mocked request states."
(flet ((file-exists-p (file) t)
(file-readable-p (file) nil))
(should (eq (httpd-status "/some/file") 403)))
(flet ((file-exists-p (file) nil))
(should (eq (httpd-status "/some/file") 404)))
(flet ((file-exists-p (file) t)
(file-readable-p (file) t)
(file-directory-p (file) nil))
(should (eq (httpd-status "/some/file") 200)))
(flet ((file-exists-p (file) t)
(file-readable-p (file) t)
(file-directory-p (file) t))
(let ((httpd-listings nil))
(should (eq (httpd-status "/some/file") 403)))
(let ((httpd-listings t))
(should (eq (httpd-status "/some/file") 200)))))
(ert-deftest httpd-get-servlet-test ()
"Test servlet dispatch."
(flet ((httpd/foo/bar () t))
(let ((httpd-servlets t))
(should (eq (httpd-get-servlet "/foo/bar") 'httpd/foo/bar))
(should (eq (httpd-get-servlet "/foo/bar/baz") 'httpd/foo/bar))
(should (eq (httpd-get-servlet "/undefined") 'httpd/)))))
(ert-deftest httpd-unhex-test ()
"Test URL decoding."
(should (equal (httpd-unhex "I+%2Bam%2B+foo.") "I +am+ foo."))
(should (equal (httpd-unhex "foo%0D%0Abar") "foo\nbar"))
(should (equal (httpd-unhex "na%C3%AFve") "naïve"))
(should (eq (httpd-unhex nil) nil)))
(ert-deftest httpd-parse-args-test ()
"Test argument parsing."
(should (equal (httpd-parse-args "na=foo&v=1") '(("na" "foo") ("v" "1"))))
(should (equal (httpd-parse-args "") ())))
(ert-deftest httpd-parse-endpoint ()
"Test endpoint parsing for defservlet*."
(should (equal (httpd-parse-endpoint 'example/foos/:n/:d)
'(example/foos ((n . 2) (d . 3))))))
;;; simple-httpd-test.el ends here