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Fantasy Name Generator

Four implementations -- JavaScript, C++, Elisp, and Perl -- of the name generator described at RinkWorks. The JavaScript and C++ implementations are by far the most mature.


The JavaScript version uses an optimizing template-compiler to create an efficient generator object.

var generator = NameGen.compile("sV'i");
generator.toString();  // => "entheu'loaf"
generator.toString();  // => "honi'munch"


The C++ version also uses a template-compiler (based on the one for JavaScript) to create an efficient generator object. It requires C++11.

NameGen::Generator generator("sV'i");
generator.toString();  // => "drai'sneeze"
generator.toString();  // => "ardou'bumble"

Emacs Lisp

The Emacs Lisp version doesn't include a parser. It operates on s-expressions.

(fset 'generator (apply-partially #'namegen '(s V "'" i)))
(generator)  ; => "essei'knocker"
(generator)  ; => "tiaoe'nit"


The Perl version is exceptionally slow, due to a slow parser.

generate("sV'i");  # => "echoi'bum"