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Igloo WebGL

Igloo is a minimal, fluent, object-oriented wrapper API for WebGL. The idea is to maintain WebGL's low-level graphics access but fit it to JavaScript idioms and simplify the API. It's designed to play very well with glMatrix, though its use is not strictly required.

WebGL requires lots of boilerplate to use directly and the existing abstraction wrappers are too high-level. The long term goal is to make prototyping WebGL ideas much quicker and easier so that the OpenGL calls don't dominate small programs.

Igloo is not intended to completely replace use of the WebGLRenderingContext object, nor is it intended to hide details from beginners. The WebGLRenderingContext object still needed for all the enumerations, occasionally you may need to do something that Igloo doesn't cover, and you still need to understand the intricacies of the OpenGL API.

Example Usage

function Demo() {
    var igloo    = this.igloo = new Igloo($('#my-canvas')[0]);
    this.quad    = igloo.array(Igloo.QUAD2);        // create array buffer
    this.image   = igloo.texture($('#image')[0]);   // create texture
    this.program = igloo.program('src/project.vert', 'src/tint.frag');

Demo.prototype.draw = function() {
    this.image.bind(0);  // active texture 0
        .uniform('tint', [1, 0, 0])
        .uniform('scale', 1.2)
        .uniformi('image', 0)
        .attrib('points', this.quad, 2)
        .draw(, Igloo.QUAD2.length / 2);

This example (shader code not shown) would display a scaled, tinted image on the screen. No other WebGL calls are required to make this work.


All functions and methods have complete JSDoc headers. Someday this will used to automatically generate documentation.

Igloo has wrapper objects for programs, array buffers, element array buffers, textures, and framebuffers. The object being wrapped is directly accessible through the name of the kind of thing (texobject.texture, arraybuffer.buffer, etc.) in case you need to access it.

Alternative Bindings

IglooJS Showcase


Low-level, fluent, OOP WebGL wrapper



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