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# Clone the two dependencies of this package in sibling directories:
# $ git clone ../htmlize
# $ git clone ../simple-httpd
# Or set LDFLAGS to point at these packages elsewhere:
# $ make LDFLAGS='-L path/to/htmlize -L path/to/simple-httpd'
.SUFFIXES: .el .elc
EMACS = emacs
LDFLAGS = -L ../simple-httpd -L ../htmlize
DIST = loading.html jquery.js index.html
all: compile
compile: impatient-mode.elc
package: impatient-mode-$(VERSION).tar
impatient-mode-$(VERSION).tar: impatient-mode.el $(DIST)
rm -rf impatient-mode-$(VERSION)/
mkdir impatient-mode-$(VERSION)/
cp impatient-mode.el $(DIST) impatient-mode-$(VERSION)/
tar cf $@ impatient-mode-$(VERSION)/
rm -rf impatient-mode-$(VERSION)/
rm -f impatient-mode-$(VERSION).tar impatient-mode.elc
run: impatient-mode.elc
$(EMACS) -Q $(LDFLAGS) -l impatient-mode.elc \
impatient-mode.el \
-f impatient-mode -f httpd-start
$(EMACS) -Q -batch $(LDFLAGS) -f batch-byte-compile $<
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