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Markov chain text generator

Generates text based on sample input text. Sometimes it produces funny nonsense.

He wiped himself again, as if he didn't marry her by hand.

By default, the Markov chain is generated from the text samples in data/. The chain is stored in markov-text-database and text is generated with markov-text-generate and markov-text-insert (interactive with prefix-argument).

Given the English input text, the output is filled paragraphs that look like this,

Three days to live.

There was absolute silence for several minutes, and then a flare of light flashed up, and showed me Orlick.

Whom I had looked for, I don't know.

You said just now that Estella was walking away from me as was the sight of me.

Moving the lamp as the man moved, I made out that he was making overtures of peace. The throwing down of his weapons and the withdrawing of his troop before his advance toward me would have signified a peaceful mission anywhere on Earth, so why not, then, on Mars!

Placing my hand over my heart I bowed low to the Martian and explained to him that while I could catch telepathic messages easily from others, and often when they were all formally doomed, and some of them were supported out, and some of them were of enormous height; there were animals in some of the doorways, but as the natural oil which it requires can only be obtained by mining in one of them cut my hair.

Paragraph and sentence structure comes from the states of the Markov chain itself so there's no direct control over the size of paragraphs and such.

Lorem ipsum

Also included is a lorem ipsum generator built on top of this. It maintains its own database independently. The output of lorem-ipsum-insert (interative with prefix-argument) looks like so,

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Philosophia audeam scribere? Sed ex eo credo quibusdam usu venire; ut abhorreant a Latinis, quod inciderint in inculta quaedam et horrida, de malis Graecis Latine scripta deterius. quibus ego assentior, dum modo de isdem rebus ne Graecos quidem legendos putent. res vero bonas verbis electis graviter ornateque dictas quis non legat? nisi qui se plane Graecum dici velit, ut a Scaevola est praetore salutatus Athenis Albucius.

Quem quidem locum comit multa venustate et omni sale idem Lucilius, apud quem praeclare Scaevola:

Iis igitur est difficilius satis facere, qui se Latina scripta dicunt contemnere. in quibus hoc primum est in quo admirer, cur in gravissimis rebus non delectet eos sermo patrius, cum idem fabellas Latinas ad verbum e Graecis expressas non inviti legant. quis enim tam inimicus paene nomini Romano est, qui Ennii Medeam aut Antiopam Pacuvii spernat aut reiciat, quod se isdem Euripidis fabulis delectari dicat, Latinas litteras oderit?