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Incorporate the state size into the database itself.

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1 parent c12d43a commit a35c26853b368885072da21f1e2768c85944d55b @skeeto committed Oct 3, 2012
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  1. +1 −2 lorem-ipsum.el
  2. +31 −25 markov-text.el
@@ -27,8 +27,7 @@
"File containing Cicero's 'De finibus bonorum et malorum'.")
(defvar lorem-ipsum-database
- (let ((markov-text-database (make-markov-text-database))
- (markov-text-state-size 3))
+ (let ((markov-text-database (make-markov-text-database 3)))
(markov-text-feed-file lorem-ipsum-data-file)
"Database containing lorem ipsum Markov chain.")
@@ -23,29 +23,34 @@
;; paragraphs and such.
;; Chains can be saved and loaded with `markov-text-save' and
-;; `markov-text-load', appended with more sample text with
-;; `markov-text-feed-file', and adjusted output randomness with
-;; `markov-text-state-size' (larger is less random).
+;; `markov-text-load', and appended with more sample text with
+;; `markov-text-feed-file'.
;;; Code:
(require 'cl)
-(defun make-markov-text-database ()
- (make-hash-table :test 'equal))
+(defun make-markov-text-database (state-size)
+ "Create a new, empty Markov chain. The state size is the number
+of consecutive words that make up a state. Larger is less random
+but more structured."
+ (let ((table (make-hash-table :test 'equal)))
+ (puthash :state-size state-size table)
+ table))
+(defun markov-text-state-size ()
+ "Determine the state size of the current database."
+ (gethash :state-size markov-text-database))
(defvar markov-text-split-regex "[ \"]+"
"Regex used to split words in an input text.")
-(defvar markov-text-database (make-markov-text-database)
+(defvar markov-text-database (make-markov-text-database 3)
"Database of Markov chain states. Meant to be seeded by source text.")
(defvar markov-text-database-file
(concat (or "" (file-name-directory load-file-name)) "main.db.gz"))
-(defvar markov-text-state-size 3
- "Number of words in a state. Smaller values lead to more random output.")
(defvar markov-text-data-root
(concat (or "" (file-name-directory load-file-name)) "data/")
"Root for finding provided data files.")
@@ -58,9 +63,9 @@
(defun markov-text-feed (words)
"Feed the word list to the database."
- (while (nth markov-text-state-size words)
- (let* ((state (subseq words 0 markov-text-state-size))
- (next (nth markov-text-state-size words))
+ (while (nth (markov-text-state-size) words)
+ (let* ((state (subseq words 0 (markov-text-state-size)))
+ (next (nth (markov-text-state-size) words))
(nexts (gethash state markov-text-database)))
(puthash state (cons next nexts) markov-text-database))
(pop words)))
@@ -72,7 +77,7 @@
(defun markov-text--hash-keys (hash)
"Return a list of a hash table's keys."
(let ((keys ()))
- (maphash (lambda (k v) (push k keys)) markov-text-database)
+ (maphash (lambda (k v) (if (listp k) (push k keys))) markov-text-database)
(defun markov-text-generate (n &optional no-fill)
@@ -104,7 +109,8 @@ automatically filled."
(defun markov-text-reset ()
"Reset the Markov chain database."
- (clrhash markov-text-database))
+ (setq markov-text-database
+ (make-markov-text-database (markov-text-state-size))))
(defun markov-text-save (database file)
"Save a Markov chain to disk."
@@ -132,21 +138,21 @@ automatically filled."
(markov-text-save markov-text-database markov-text-database-file)))
-(defun markov-text-to-dot (database file)
- "Dump a database out in DOT format (Graphviz) for visualization."
+(defun markov-text-to-dot (file)
+ "Dump the current chain out in DOT format (Graphviz) for visualization."
(let ((print-escape-newlines t))
(labels ((cat (list) (mapconcat 'identity list " ")))
- (with-temp-buffer
+ (with-temp-file file
(insert "digraph {\n")
(maphash (lambda (k v)
- (let ((from (cat k)))
- (dolist (to (remove-duplicates v :test 'equal))
- (insert (format " %S -> %S [label=%S];\n"
- from (cat (append (cdr k) (list to)))
- (concat " " to))))))
- database)
- (insert "}\n")
- (write-file file)))))
+ (when (listp k)
+ (let ((from (cat k)))
+ (dolist (to (remove-duplicates v :test 'equal))
+ (insert (format " %S -> %S [label=%S];\n"
+ from (cat (append (cdr k) (list to)))
+ (concat " " to)))))))
+ markov-text-database)
+ (insert "}\n")))))
(provide 'markov-text)

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