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#ifndef TYPES
#include "glTypes.h"
GLvector CameraAngle (void);
void CameraAngleSet (GLvector new_angle);
void CameraAutoToggle ();
float CameraDistance (void);
void CameraDistanceSet (float new_distance);
void CameraInit (void);
void CameraNextBehavior (void);
GLvector CameraPosition (void);
void CameraPositionSet (GLvector new_pos);
void CameraReset ();
void CameraUpdate (void);
void CameraTerm (void);
void CameraForward (float delta);
void CameraPan (float delta_x);
void CameraPitch (float delta_y);
void CameraYaw (float delta_x);
void CameraVertical (float val);
void CameraLateral (float val);
void CameraMedial (float val);
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