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;;; psl-compile.el --- ParselTongue parser and compiler
;; This is free and unencumbered software released into the public domain.
;; Author: Christopher Wellons <>
;; URL:
;; Version: 1.0
;;; Commentary:
;; This code parses ParselTongue into s-expressions and compiles those
;; s-expressions into Emacs Lisp, which can be evaluated directly. You
;; can use `psl-eval-buffer' to compile the current buffer and
;; evaluate the result. Compilation output (mainly for compiler
;; debugging) can be viewed with `psl-show-elisp-compilation'.
;; Parsing actually requires *a lot* of stack space and there's not
;; much that can be done about it. Fortunately Emacs is capable of
;; providing plenty of stack for parsing but the default limit set by
;; `max-lisp-eval-depth' (600) is too low. To work around this,
;; temporarily while parsing the parser will increase the stack size
;; by a factor of `psl-stack-multiplier'.
;;; Known bugs:
;; * Loops return the wrong value
;; * Probably some evaluation order mistakes
;;; Planned features:
;; * Support for calling Elisp functions
;;; Won't fix:
;; * Function equality is fundamentally broken
;; - It's broken in the reference implementation and was
;; acknowledged as a bad design choice.
;; * Semicolon chaining not supported outside of blocks ({ ... }).
;; - The spec is completely ambiguous about it and the reference
;; implementation follows complex, unpredictable precedence
;; rules. For example, if expressions (usually) chain on the if
;; expression as a whole rather than the trailing else
;; expression. Why does it do this?
;;; Code:
(eval-when-compile (require 'cl) (require 'pp))
(require 'rdp)
(defvar psl-stack-multiplier 4
"Increase `max-lisp-eval-depth' by this factor when parsing.")
(defun psl-compile-to-elisp ()
"Compile the current buffer into an Emacs Lisp s-expression."
(let ((buffer (current-buffer)))
(setq rdp-start (save-excursion (beginning-of-line) (point)))
(setq rdp-point-stack ())
(insert-buffer-substring buffer) ; lose the text properties
(goto-char (point-min))
(let ((sexp
(let ((max-lisp-eval-depth
(floor (* psl-stack-multiplier max-lisp-eval-depth))))
(rdp-parse psl-tokens psl-token-funcs 'expr))))
(if (= (point) (point-max))
(error (format "%s:%d:%d: Encountered error while parsing"
(buffer-name buffer)
(line-number-at-pos rdp-best)
(save-excursion (goto-char rdp-best)
(defun psl-show-elisp-compilation ()
"Show the Emacs Lisp compilation in a buffer."
(require 'pp)
(let ((print-circle t)
(print-gensym t))
(pp-display-expression (psl-compile-to-elisp) "*Pp Eval Output*")))
(defun psl-remove-comments ()
"Remove ParselTongue comments from the current buffer."
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (re-search-forward "#[^\n]*\n" nil t)
(concat (make-string (- (match-end 0) (match-beginning 0) 1) ? ) "\n")
nil nil))))
;;; ParselTongue grammar
(defvar psl-tokens
'((expr . [block defvar deffun number object lambda string true false
if while for assign assignm inc-pre inc-post dec-pre dec-post
+ - == < > print funcall index message pexpr id])
(empty . "")
(pexpr "(" expr ")")
(defvar "defvar" id "=" expr in)
(deffun "deffun" id params expr in)
(in "in" expr)
(lambda "lambda" params expr)
(true "true")
(false "false")
(number . "[0-9]+")
(string . "\"\\(?:[^\"\\\\]\\|\\\\.\\)*\"")
(block "{" exprs ";?" "}")
(exprs expr [(";" exprs) empty])
;; Control structures
(if "if" expr then else)
(then "then" expr)
(else "else" expr)
(while "while" expr expr)
(for "for" "(" expr ";" expr ";" expr ")" expr)
;; Identifiers
(id . "[a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_]*")
(ids id [("," ids) empty])
(params "(" [ids empty] ")")
;; Function application
(funcall [block index pexpr id] args)
(args "(" [aexprs empty] ")")
(aexprs expr [("," aexprs) empty])
;; Builtins
(+ "+" args)
(- "-" args)
(== "==" args)
(< "<" args)
(> ">" args)
(print "print" args)
;; Operators
(inc-pre "++" id)
(inc-post id "++")
(dec-pre "--" id)
(dec-post id "--")
(assign [index= id] "=" expr)
(assignm [index= id] "[+-]=" expr)
;; Objects
(pairs pair [("," pairs) empty])
(pair id ":" expr)
(object "{" [pairs empty] "}")
(index [pexpr message id] [by-id index-str])
(index= [pexpr message id] [by-id index-str])
(message [pexpr id] "@" [index-str field] args)
(by-id "\\." field)
(field . id)
(index-str "\\[" expr "\\]"))
"The ParselTongue grammar.")
(defvar psl-token-funcs
`((expr . ,#'identity)
(empty . ,(lambda (empty) ()))
(pexpr . ,(apply-partially 'nth 1))
(number . ,#'string-to-number)
(id . ,#'intern)
(deffun . ,(lambda (list)
(destructuring-bind (deffun id params expr body) list
`(let ((,id (lambda ,params ,expr)))
(defvar . ,(lambda (list)
(destructuring-bind (defvar id eq expr body) list
`(lexical-let ((,id ,expr)) ,body))))
(in . ,(apply-partially 'nth 1))
(string . ,#'read)
(params . ,(apply-partially 'nth 1))
(args . ,(apply-partially 'nth 1))
(ids . ,#'psl--tuck)
(exprs . ,#'psl--tuck)
(funcall . ,(lambda (call)
`(funcall ,(nth 0 call) ,@(nth 1 call))))
(aexprs . ,#'psl--tuck)
(block . ,(lambda (exprs) (cons 'progn (nth 1 exprs))))
(true . ,(lambda (true) t))
(false . ,(lambda (false) nil))
(pair . ,(lambda (pair) (cons (nth 0 pair) (nth 2 pair))))
(pairs . ,(lambda (pairs) (cons (car pairs) (cadadr pairs))))
(object . ,(lambda (obj)
(let ((fields (nth 1 obj)))
`(list 'object ,@(psl--make-object fields)))))
(if . ,(lambda (expr)
(destructuring-bind (if cond then else) expr
`(if ,cond ,then ,else))))
(then . ,#'cadr)
(else . ,#'cadr)
(while . ,(lambda (expr)
(destructuring-bind (while cond body) expr
`(while ,cond ,body))))
(for . ,(lambda (e)
(destructuring-bind (for ps init b1 cond b2 inc pe body) e
`(progn ,init (while ,cond ,body ,inc)))))
(lambda . ,(lambda (lm)
(destructuring-bind (fn params body) lm
`(lambda ,params ,body))))
(inc-pre . ,(lambda (expr)
(let ((id (cadr expr)))
`(setq ,id (1+ ,id)))))
(dec-pre . ,(lambda (expr)
(let ((id (cadr expr)))
`(setq ,id (1- ,id)))))
(inc-post . ,(lambda (expr)
(let ((id (car expr)))
`(prog1 ,id (setq ,id (1+ ,id))))))
(dec-post . ,(lambda (expr)
(let ((id (car expr)))
`(prog1 ,id (setq ,id (1- ,id))))))
(assign . ,(lambda (assign)
(destructuring-bind (lhs eq expr) assign
(if (symbolp lhs)
`(setq ,lhs ,expr)
(destructuring-bind (obj field) lhs
`(cons 'object (acons ,field ,expr (cdr ,obj))))))))
(assignm . ,(lambda (assign)
(destructuring-bind (lhs opstr expr) assign
(let ((op (if (equal opstr "+=") '+ '-)))
(if (symbolp lhs)
`(setq ,lhs (,op ,lhs ,expr))
(destructuring-bind (obj field) lhs
`(cons 'object
(acons ,field
(,op (cdr (or (assq ,field (cdr ,obj))
(error "Field not found: %s" ,field)))
,expr) ,obj))))))))
(+ . ,(lambda (op) (cons 'psl-+ (nth 1 op))))
(- . ,(lambda (op) (cons 'psl-- (nth 1 op))))
(< . ,(lambda (op) (cons 'psl-< (nth 1 op))))
(> . ,(lambda (op) (cons 'psl-> (nth 1 op))))
(== . ,(lambda (op) (cons 'psl-== (nth 1 op))))
(print . ,(lambda (op) (cons 'psl-print (nth 1 op))))
(index . ,(lambda (index)
`(cdr (or (assq ,(nth 1 index) (cdr,(nth 0 index)))
(error "Field not found: %s" ,(nth 1 index))))))
(index= . ,#'identity)
(message . ,(lambda (msg)
(destructuring-bind (obj at f args) msg
`(funcall (cdr (assq ,f (cdr ,obj)))
,@(cons obj args)))))
(field . ,(lambda (field) `(quote ,field)))
(index-str . ,(lambda (index) `(intern ,(nth 1 index))))
(by-id . ,#'cadr))
"Syntax tree manipulation functions.")
(defun psl--tuck (names)
"Turn nested chains of things into a flat list."
(cons (car names) (cadadr names)))
(defun psl--make-object (fields)
"Create part a new object from a parsed s-exp."
(if (null fields)
(if (assq (caar fields) (cdr fields))
'((error "Multiply-defined fields"))
(cons `(cons (quote ,(caar fields)) ,(cdar fields))
(psl--make-object (cdr fields))))))
(provide 'psl-compile)
;;; psl-compile.el ends here