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ULID Library (C99)

This is a library for generating and handling Universally Unique Lexicographically Sortable Identifiers (ULIDs). On modern hardware running Linux, it can generate 68 million ULIDs per second (50 cycles per ULID). Supported operating systems: POSIX and Win32.

This repository also includes a ulidgen command line utility for generating, validating, and inspecting ULIDs.


The complete API documentation is found in ulid.h. Here's summary of the available functions:

int  ulid_generator_init(struct ulid_generator *, int flags);
void ulid_generate(struct ulid_generator *, char [27]);
void ulid_encode(char [27], const unsigned char [16]);
int  ulid_decode(unsigned char[16], const char *);

Here are the command line switches for ulidgen:

usage: ulidgen -G [-prs] [-n N]
       ulidgen -C [-iq] <ULIDs...>
       ulidgen -T [-i] <ULIDs...>
       ulidgen -h
  -G      Generate ULIDs
  -C      Check/validate ULIDs
  -T      Print timestamp from ULIDs
  -h      Display this help message
  -i      (-C|-T) Read ULIDs on standard input
  -n N    (-G) Number of ULIDs to generate [1]
  -p      (-G) Only use 79 random bits to avoid overflow
  -q      (-C) Don't print invalid ULIDs
  -r      (-G) Non-monotonic ULIDs within timestamp
  -s      (-G) Require secure initialization