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(Silicon Graphics, Inc. Sample Implementation of the OpenGL Utility library)
SGI open-sourced their OpenGL Sample Implementation (SI) in January, 2000.
This includes the GLU library.
The SI GLU library implements GLU version 1.3 whereas the original
Mesa GLU library only implemented version 1.2.
We recommend using the SI GLU library instead of Mesa's GLU library
since it's more up-to-date, complete and reliable.
We're no longer developing the original Mesa GLU library.
The SI GLU library code is included in the Mesa distribution.
You don't have to download it separately.
<b>Olivier Michel</b> has made Linux RPMs of GLU for i386 and PowerPC.
You can download them from the
<a href=""
target="_parent">download area</a> under <b>Miscellaneous</b>.
Visit the <a href="" target="_parent">
OpenGL Sample Implementation home page</a> for more information about the SI.
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