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<TITLE>Mesa Release Notes</TITLE>
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<H1>Mesa 7.0 Release Notes / June 22, 2007</H1>
Mesa 7.0 is a stable release, featuring OpenGL 2.1 API support.
A number of bugs have been fixed since the 6.5.3 release.
<h2>MD5 checksums</h2>
35a1698986f7ac8dc435624ee9256cda MesaLib-7.0.tar.gz
50c371455fa7532c04aa0a970f9bc51f MesaLib-7.0.tar.bz2
9bad332c7b74f59be96556135212ca9e MesaDemos-7.0.tar.gz
fada2bc1f29da513e015fda1e3abd0c0 MesaDemos-7.0.tar.bz2
76c7bb54f9850c689eba844f6daed332 MesaGLUT-7.0.tar.gz
4af28296e02772ef1de00e4e79bf3d12 MesaGLUT-7.0.tar.bz2
<h2>New features</h2>
<li>OpenGL 2.0 and 2.1 API support.
<h2>Bug fixes</h2>
<li>Fixed a few fog-related bugs.
<li>Fixed broken GLSL mix() function.
<li>Fixed broken GLSL exp() functions.
<li>Fixed GLSL mod4(vec4, vec4) bug.
<li>Implemented GLSL asin(), acos(), atan() functions.
<li>Fixed an R300 driver bug that caused Xorg composite manager to crash
<li>Fixed R300 vertex program/matrix bug (10848)
<li>GLSL dFdx() and dFdy() work for fragment program inputs now (texcoords)
<li>Specifying an invalid texture unit as a sampler could lead to a crash
<li>The GLX protocol request for glXDestroyPBuffer() was incorrect (bug 10983)
<li>ARB vp state.light[n].half value was incorrect (bug 10987)
<li>Fixed a positional light source bug (bug 11009)
<li>Fixed point size attenuation problem (bug 11042)
<li>glPopAttrib didn't restore texture object's LOD bias (bug 11049)
<li>Fixed a TLS / TEXTREL problem (bug 7459)
<h2>Internal code changes</h2>
<li>Some texture code consolidation and simplifiction (Ian Romanick)
<li>R300 driver clean-ups.
<h2>To Do (someday) items</h2>
<li>Switch to freeglut
<li>Fix linux-glide target/driver.
<li>Improved lambda and derivative calculation for frag progs.
<h2>Driver Status</h2>
Driver Status
---------------------- ----------------------
DRI drivers varies with the driver
XMesa/GLX (on Xlib) implements OpenGL 2.1
OSMesa (off-screen) implements OpenGL 2.1
Windows/Win32 implements OpenGL 2.1
Glide (3dfx Voodoo1/2) implements OpenGL 1.3
SVGA unsupported
Wind River UGL unsupported
DJGPP unsupported
GGI unsupported
BeOS unsupported
Allegro unsupported
D3D unsupported
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