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<TITLE>Mesa Release Notes</TITLE>
<head><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="mesa.css"></head>
<body bgcolor="#eeeeee">
<H1>Mesa 7.4.4 Release Notes / 23 June 2009</H1>
Mesa 7.4.4 is a stable development release fixing bugs since the 7.4.3 release.
Mesa 7.4.4 implements the OpenGL 2.1 API, but the version reported by
glGetString(GL_VERSION) depends on the particular driver being used.
Some drivers don't support all the features required in OpenGL 2.1.
See the <a href="install.html">Compiling/Installing page</a> for prerequisites
for DRI hardware acceleration.
<h2>MD5 checksums</h2>
0b56fe5a88ab0c3c5b2da5068f63f416 MesaLib-7.4.4.tar.gz
b66528d314c574dccbe0ed963cac5e93 MesaLib-7.4.4.tar.bz2
3e77b208386c47b18165bce5ae317e2c MesaDemos-7.4.4.tar.gz
628142ec9a54cd28cc027e6ce26cff47 MesaDemos-7.4.4.tar.bz2
e6e91ba16e274d40cf3a97ad3218af01 MesaGLUT-7.4.4.tar.gz
e14bbb52517e8121b31f1387515365ab MesaGLUT-7.4.4.tar.bz2
<h2>Bug fixes</h2>
<li>Fixed i965/i915 segfault in screen destruction (bug 22408)
<h2>Driver Status</h2>
Driver Status
---------------------- ----------------------
DRI drivers varies with the driver
XMesa/GLX (on Xlib) implements OpenGL 2.1
OSMesa (off-screen) implements OpenGL 2.1
Windows/Win32 implements OpenGL 2.1
Glide (3dfx Voodoo1/2) implements OpenGL 1.3
SVGA unsupported
Wind River UGL unsupported
DJGPP unsupported
GGI unsupported
BeOS unsupported
Allegro unsupported
D3D unsupported
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