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#ifndef __NV_STRUCT_H__
#define __NV_STRUCT_H__
#include "colormapst.h"
#include "xf86Cursor.h"
#include "xf86int10.h"
#include "exa.h"
#ifdef XF86DRI
#define _XF86DRI_SERVER_
#include "xf86drm.h"
#include "dri.h"
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include "nouveau_device.h"
#include "xf86Crtc.h"
#error "This driver requires a DRI-enabled X server"
#define NV_ARCH_03 0x03
#define NV_ARCH_04 0x04
#define NV_ARCH_10 0x10
#define NV_ARCH_20 0x20
#define NV_ARCH_30 0x30
#define NV_ARCH_40 0x40
#define NV_ARCH_50 0x50
#define NV_ARCH_C0 0xc0
#define NV_ARCH_E0 0xe0
/* NV50 */
typedef struct _NVRec *NVPtr;
typedef struct _NVRec {
uint32_t Architecture;
EntityInfoPtr pEnt;
struct pci_device *PciInfo;
Bool Primary;
Bool Secondary;
/* Various pinned memory regions */
struct nouveau_bo * scanout;
struct nouveau_bo * offscreen;
void * offscreen_map;
struct nouveau_bo * GART;
Bool NoAccel;
Bool HWCursor;
Bool ShadowFB;
unsigned char * ShadowPtr;
int ShadowPitch;
ExaDriverPtr EXADriverPtr;
Bool exa_force_cp;
Bool wfb_enabled;
Bool tiled_scanout;
Bool glx_vblank;
Bool has_pageflip;
int swap_limit;
int max_swap_limit;
ScreenBlockHandlerProcPtr BlockHandler;
CreateScreenResourcesProcPtr CreateScreenResources;
CloseScreenProcPtr CloseScreen;
void (*VideoTimerCallback)(ScrnInfoPtr, Time);
XF86VideoAdaptorPtr overlayAdaptor;
XF86VideoAdaptorPtr blitAdaptor;
XF86VideoAdaptorPtr textureAdaptor[2];
int videoKey;
OptionInfoPtr Options;
Bool LockedUp;
CARD32 currentRop;
DRIInfoPtr pDRIInfo;
drmVersionPtr pLibDRMVersion;
drmVersionPtr pKernelDRMVersion;
void *drmmode; /* for KMS */
/* DRM interface */
struct nouveau_device *dev;
char *drm_device_name;
/* GPU context */
struct nouveau_channel *chan;
struct nouveau_notifier *notify0;
struct nouveau_notifier *vblank_sem;
struct nouveau_grobj *NvContextSurfaces;
struct nouveau_grobj *NvContextBeta1;
struct nouveau_grobj *NvContextBeta4;
struct nouveau_grobj *NvImagePattern;
struct nouveau_grobj *NvRop;
struct nouveau_grobj *NvRectangle;
struct nouveau_grobj *NvImageBlit;
struct nouveau_grobj *NvScaledImage;
struct nouveau_grobj *NvClipRectangle;
struct nouveau_grobj *NvMemFormat;
struct nouveau_grobj *NvImageFromCpu;
struct nouveau_grobj *Nv2D;
struct nouveau_grobj *Nv3D;
struct nouveau_grobj *NvSW;
struct nouveau_bo *tesla_scratch;
struct nouveau_bo *shader_mem;
struct nouveau_bo *xv_filtertable_mem;
/* Acceleration context */
PixmapPtr pspix, pmpix, pdpix;
PicturePtr pspict, pmpict, pdpict;
Pixel fg_colour;
Pixel planemask;
int alu;
unsigned point_x, point_y;
unsigned width_in, width_out;
unsigned height_in, height_out;
} NVRec;
#define NVPTR(p) ((NVPtr)((p)->driverPrivate))
typedef struct _NVPortPrivRec {
short brightness;
short contrast;
short saturation;
short hue;
RegionRec clip;
CARD32 colorKey;
Bool autopaintColorKey;
Bool doubleBuffer;
CARD32 videoStatus;
int currentBuffer;
Time videoTime;
int overlayCRTC;
Bool grabbedByV4L;
Bool iturbt_709;
Bool blitter;
Bool texture;
Bool bicubic; /* only for texture adapter */
Bool SyncToVBlank;
struct nouveau_bo *video_mem;
int pitch;
int offset;
struct nouveau_bo *TT_mem_chunk[2];
int currentHostBuffer;
} NVPortPrivRec, *NVPortPrivPtr;
#define GET_BLIT_PRIVATE(pNv) \
#define OFF_TIMER 0x01
#define FREE_TIMER 0x02
#define CLIENT_VIDEO_ON 0x04
#define OFF_DELAY 500 /* milliseconds */
#define FREE_DELAY 5000
/* EXA driver-controlled pixmaps */
struct nouveau_pixmap {
struct nouveau_bo *bo;
void *linear;
unsigned size;
static inline struct nouveau_pixmap *
nouveau_pixmap(PixmapPtr ppix)
return (struct nouveau_pixmap *)exaGetPixmapDriverPrivate(ppix);
static inline struct nouveau_bo *
nouveau_pixmap_bo(PixmapPtr ppix)
struct nouveau_pixmap *nvpix = nouveau_pixmap(ppix);
return nvpix ? nvpix->bo : NULL;
static inline uint32_t
nv_pitch_align(NVPtr pNv, uint32_t width, int bpp)
int mask;
if (bpp == 15)
bpp = 16;
if (bpp == 24 || bpp == 30)
bpp = 8;
/* Alignment requirements taken from the Haiku driver */
if (pNv->Architecture == NV_ARCH_04)
mask = 128 / bpp - 1;
mask = 512 / bpp - 1;
return (width + mask) & ~mask;
/* nv04 cursor max dimensions of 32x32 (A1R5G5B5) */
#define NV04_CURSOR_SIZE 32
/* limit nv10 cursors to 64x64 (ARGB8) (we could go to 64x255) */
#define NV10_CURSOR_SIZE 64
static inline int nv_cursor_width(NVPtr pNv)
return pNv->dev->chipset >= 0x10 ? NV10_CURSOR_SIZE : NV04_CURSOR_SIZE;
#endif /* __NV_STRUCT_H__ */
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