A simple responsive framework for mobile friendly development.
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Skeleton Framework

A simple responsive framework for mobile friendly development. Skeleton Framework takes its roots from dhg/Skeleton, and builds upon the same basic principles.


We're doing some work and shuffling things around. If you'd like easy access to the individual component parts of skeleton, take a look at the combo-bones branch. Otherwise, you can still grab the whole build from master in the dist dir.


Install the sources into your node app via npm install --save-dev skeleton-framework.

Install the compiled version into your frontend via bower install skeleton-framework.

Install the latest development version via git clone https://github.com/skeleton-framework/skeleton-framework.git

Contributions are welcome! Develoment docs can be found on the Wiki

If you experience bugs or errors, please report it on the Issue Tracker

See the demo page for a visual representation of Skeleton classes.