A sample chat app using React Native and Phoenix.
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What is this Foul Sorcery?

Here's an example of using React Native to talk to a Phoenix server with WebSockets.


The Blog Post

For more background and some more in-depth commentary, check out my blog post that goes with this repo.


About The Client

Since this is just a sample, I'm going to pretend errors and timeouts don't exist.

In the code:

  • Phoenix.js - the official JS client that ships with Phoenix framework.
  • Chat.js - a silly wrapper around the Phoenix sockets and channel interfaces.
  • Root.jsx - the user interface

The UI revolves around a hilariously fantastic 3rd party component called Gifted Messenger:


About The Server

The server is Chris McCord's example. The only change I made was to turn off the server-generated PING message every 5 seconds.


I just included it here for convenience. I ghetto-forked it as of 02bbbc8a295542146aef4e347dcbdc5fd0aadd69 on Feb 13, 2016. He does a great job of keeping it up to date, and you should use his for your own adventures.

Running The Server

Make sure you've installed Elixir 1.2.2+.

  • cd ChatServer
  • mix deps get
  • npm install (recommended: for a web version of the client)
  • grab a coffee
  • mix phoenix.server

After a quick 1-time compile, your server is now up & running. If you installed the web client then browser to http://localhost:4000

Running The Client

Make sure you have React Native 0.19+ installed on your ride.

  • cd ChatClient
  • npm install
  • grab a coffee
  • react-native run-ios or react-native run-android

If you're running android, you might need to reverse map some ports to get to the chat server by running

  • $ANDROID_HOME/platform-tools/adb reverse tcp:4000 tcp:4000