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Python library to parse and read Microsoft minidump file format
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Python library to parse and read Microsoft minidump file format. Can create minidumps on Windows machines using the windows API (implemented with ctypes).


Python >= 3.6

Basic Usage --all <mindidump file>
See help for possible options.

Advanced usage

After parsing the minidump file, you can use the MinidumpFileReader and MinidumpBufferedReader objects to perform various searches/reads in the dumped process' address space.
Those objects will be able to read and search the VA of the dumped process and have a notion on integer sizes based on the CPU arch.

Creating minidump file

The script in the utils folder uses the Windows API to create minidump files. This script can also dump processes running on a different user context by enabling SeDebugPrivilege.
Of course it only works if you are running it as administrator or a use that has SeDebugPrivilege.


python3 install

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