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🚩 This is the public repository of minikerberos, for latest version and updates please consider supporting us through


Kerberos manipulation library in pure Python.

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  • Python >= 3.6
  • asn1crypto: the best Python lib to parse/modify/construct ASN1 data. It is also written in pure Python, so no need to compile anything, just install and use.
  • oscrypto: For certificate operations
  • asysocks: Provides built-in SOCKS/HTTP/etc proxy capability


This is a library so the main intention is to use it in your code, however the "examples" folder contain a few useful examples to show what this lib is capable of.

  • converts CCACHE - kerberos cache - file to kirbi files. Kirbi file is supported by mimikatz to perform pass the ticket attacks.

  • converts a kirbi file, or a directory full of kirbi files into one CCACHE file. This helps users who prefer to use impacket to perform Kerberos ticket related attacks

  • polls a Kerberos server for a TGT given that you have some user secrets at your disposal. The TGT will be saved in a CCACHE file. The minimum required "user secret" is either a password OR and NT hash of the user OR the Kerberos AES key of the user.

  • same as but also gets a TGS ticket for a given service from the domain controller.

  • to be used for getting a TGS ticket on behalf of another user. Basically it performs a kerberos constrained delegation process.

  • yes.


Install it via either cloning it from GitHub and using

$ git clone
$ cd minikerberos
$ python3 install

or with pip from the Python Package Index (PyPI).

$ pip install minikerberos --user

Consider to use a Python virtual environment.


Kerberos manipulation library in pure Python







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